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What is Artsy Fashion Style? All You Need to Know

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Maybe you’ve seen them before, those women and men who immediately stand out due to their unique and colorful clearly artsy fashion style. You may wonder how they are able to pull off such a different look, and if you could do the same. The good news is that anyone can wear artsy clothing! And we’ll explain later what exactly to look for.

What is an Artsy Fashion Style?

What is an Artsy Fashion Style

Artsy fashion is a celebration of men and women, creativity, art, and self-expression. There are no limits and no rules. It’s very un-American and very much about sticking out from the crowd, not conforming and blending in. For those used to always wearing neutrals or black, this may seem like a shock to your system, but artsy clothing is witty, smart, fun, bold, expressive, quirky, and joy-filled.

The Different Style Elements of Artsy Fashion Style

What attracts many people to artsy clothing or artsy fashion is how unique it is and that you never have to worry about anyone looking the same. It’s a statement. It tells people who you are. It screams loud, fun, and creative. As this article explains, artsy fashion is comprised of 3 different style elements: dramatic, natural, and high-spirited. 

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The whole point of artsy fashion is to find your own unique sense of style and twist on this movement, but there are certain elements that stay the same. Dramatic components may include large accessories or chunky fits. Artsy clothing may also feature natural components like looser silhouettes and textured fabrics. 

High-spirited is reflected in the bold patterns or colors, or even a mix of different bold patterns and colors in an artsy outfit. Artsy style is all about expressing yourself without any limits, without holding back, and being as daring as possible. Essentially, artsy style is about being unapologetically you and being true to yourself. 

Imagine artsy fashion being like wearing several different works of art simultaneously. Typically, the clothing incorporated into the artsy style is high quality and unique. This makes them similar to a piece of art. Think of yourself as a canvas, just waiting to be dressed with a piece of art. That’s what wearing artsy clothing is like. 

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Are you ready to step out of the box and out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to say goodbye to boring gray pencil skirts and hello to bright red slacks? If you are, let’s dive right into what artsy fashion is all about and how you can achieve it.

Can I Dress in Artsy Fashion Style?

Yes, anybody can dress in artsy style clothing! The most important thing to consider when aiming for those artsy aesthetic outfits is to know who you are and think about how you can express it. Do you love water? Then choose an artsy outfit that incorporates bright blue colors or even a shirt with large fish printed on it. Do you love nature? Choose nature-prints that are loud and wear bright shades of green. Or in order to stick with the artsy style, choose large leaf earrings that reach past your shoulders and are impossible to miss.

If you don’t know who you are - it’s no wonder! Everyone is constantly telling you what to do, what to like, even what clothes to wear! Which is something the artsy style actively fights against. If you don’t know what you like, artsy clothing is a perfect way to experiment. Look for bold colors you love and start wearing them. Or look for art you love and find similar clothing that fits the art pieces you admire.

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Artsy style is also all about freedom and breaking societal norms or breaking away from tradition. In artsy fashion, there are no rules, besides being as loud and proud as you can be. So if you know you have a work meeting where you typically are extremely quiet and you don’t say much, you wear the boldest color or pattern combination in true artsy style fashion. Because someone who wears artsy clothing will not shrink or shy away from being a part of a meeting - she or he is going to let others know that she/he is present and have amazing ideas.

Artsy fashion isn’t like other fashion styles. It’s not something that is geared towards one specific body type or type of person. It’s available to everyone. Everyone can wear artsy clothing and make it their own. Artsy fashion is about breaking rules, including fashion rules, which means that it’s important to unlearn everything you’ve ever learned about fashion - including what looks good on you and what doesn’t. What matters is - do you feel good in it?

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How to Dress up in Artsy style?

Think of artsy fashion like statement pieces, but instead of limiting yourself to only one single statement piece to go with an outfit, an artsy outfit consists of ONLY statement pieces! This article will explain easily how you can achieve the artsy fashion look at home with minimal effort.

Artsy fashion can be as easy as 1-2-3. 

Step 1 is to choose bold colors. Artsy clothing isn’t limited to just pairing one neutral color with a bright color. No! Artsy outfits actually rarely use neutrals at all! Whatever rules you learned about color pairing, you can forget about. Combine a bright blue jacket with a purple sweater and bright green pants for the ultimate artsy outfit. The more colorful, the better!

The next step to incorporate is to find artsy clothing items with over-the-top large prints. Big polka dots, big checkers, etc. The larger the print, the better it is for your artsy fashion style! Maybe once upon a time, you learned to always choose one pattern and one simple solid-colored clothing item together. To achieve artsy aesthetic outfits, forget that rule right away! You can pair big audacious floral patterns with big polka-dotted patterns for your favorite bold artsy outfit. 

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The third rule of artsy fashion is to wear bold and outrageous accessories. Some ideas for future artsy outfits include big chunky wide hoop earrings, a large bulky purse, a big chunky choker, or a ridiculously oversized scarf.

When searching for artsy clothing, it’s key to look for handcrafted items and handmade fabrics. As someone who is celebrating creativity through artsy style, it’s important to honor and celebrate other artists and their creations. Go to an art fair and find a jewelry booth and find the craziest looking earrings. Or go to a thrift store or vintage market and purchase a used scarf with a bold and bright pattern. Those are the best places to go to for artsy clothing.

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Artsy Fashion Style: Take It!

In the beginning, when you switch over to an artsy clothing style, it may seem wrong or even challenging to forget all the previous fashion rules you’ve learned. The easiest way to embrace that challenge is to simply imagine you are a child without any knowledge of what is considered trendy or not, who only wears what he or she wants. Children have a naturally more bold and artsy style. 

Sometimes when you’re told to forget all rules and just do what you want, it can get overwhelming. There are so many choices and without restrictions, the question remains - how do you choose? Artsy clothing is about feeling good, feeling happy, expressing yourself, and telling the world who you are, so finding clothing that is comfortable and that you feel good in is essential.

They’re fun and so can you! Artsy fashion is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and celebrating you for your uniqueness instead of hiding it in order to fit in. If there’s anything that fashion usually doesn’t do, it’s celebrating us without forcing us to be the same as everyone else and that is why you should give artsy clothing and artsy fashion a try!

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