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20 Popular Nail Shapes in 2022: Perfect Trendy Designs of 20 Nail Shapes

Manicure is an art of expression both for the manicurist and the hands being groomed and also a way for people to show their style and personality. Many believe that well-groomed nails add more allure to the hands and they're definitely not wrong. Most people are captivated by clean, good-looking, well-manicured hands and it's pretty easy to see why!

In the past, manicures were reserved for the elite group. But now, just about anyone can walk into a beauty salon for a mani at an affordable price or better still, can choose to DIY the process at home. A survey found that about 85-90% of women worldwide use nail care products and indulge in nail cosmetics. It's basically beauty at your fingertips! There are also a variety of trendy nail styles, nail polish, and creative designs that keep this process all the more exciting. 

Interestingly, there are quite a number of health benefits attached to getting your nails cared for. Manicures are known to protect against nail infection, boost nail health, improve blood circulation and help to relieve any tension which is good for your mental health. Pretty easy to see why treating yourself to a fresh set is definitely a self-care essential. Even better, there are a variety of trendy nail shapes to try out! 

Nail shapes compliment your hand and enhance your features. Short, long, stiletto, square, the nail shapes you choose definitely says a lot about you. If you've ever wondered why there are just so many different nail shapes, this is why, and you might find yourself in a mix trying to decide which to choose. Bold or laid-back, classy or unique, Sharp or square, basic or mixed, there are just so many options to choose from and this is why manicure trends change so easily year in, year out. 

You don't have to worry about what nail shape is best for you if you care to read our list of trendy manicures and why they make the list!

New trendy manicures to try with 20 different nail shapes

1. Natural 

the very natural nail shape
A natural nail shape as the name implies has a natural vibe to it. It mimics the cuticle shape which is usually flat but accentuated by slightly rounded edges. These nails are perfect for you if you love the feeling of your natural nails. The nail shape is designed in a way to fit your natural nails and also give you a clean, neat look. It's also easy to work with natural nails and you don't ever have to worry about breaking a nail with this one! 

2. Oval 

Light pink oval nails with little inward-curved corners
Oval nails are definitely in style and can be short or long depending on your preference. They are round, with inward-curved corners; filed down on the sides to the tips to give a defined curved design. Oval nails make short fingers look slimmer and wide hands look longer and if this is the look you're going for, then they're a perfect fit for you! They also make elegant choices if you desire a more feminine but still natural look or have longer natural nails than most. 

3. Rounded

Blue rounded nail shapes
Rounded nails have straight sides but end in curved edges to imitate the natural shape of the fingertips. This nail design flatters your natural nail shape if you have very round cuticle lines, and are shaped in a flattering way to make your nail beds appear wider and more slender. Round nails are trendy choices for women who prefer shorter nails that are easy to wear and also appealing. Round-shaped nails are popular choices for acrylic nail shapes as they are durable and strong. 

4. Square

Square nails with white tips and red hearts
Square nails are square, pretty easy to figure that out. They're mostly flat on top with square corners. They're neither filed out nor in and are simply characterized by straight, sharp squares. They're a popular choice for women with short nails or long, slender nail beds. Square nails also come in different trendy shapes like tapered square nails and long square nails. 

5. Squoval

Squoval nail shapes with soft edges
Do you want square nails without sharp corners? Say hi to your new friend, the Squoval nails. A lovely mix of square and oval, this nail shape is defined by its square tips rounded softly on the edges. They're tagged as low-maintenance nails and also belong to the category of natural nail designs that are currently in style. As a plus, you get to enjoy the features of two nail shapes (square and oval) with this one design! 

6. Almond 

The round pink almond nail shapes
Photo: @ttaonails
From the name, you can tell what this nail is shaped like. It has similar features with the oval nails but is filed along the sides to give a narrow finish at the tips. The nail wall is tapered in to give a pointy curve, characteristic of an almond shape. Natural nails are not strong enough to hold this design and the almond nail shape is usually achieved using gel or acrylic manicure. However, if you're a fan of femme nail looks and have short fingers, then this suits your needs. 

7. Mountain Peak

Mountain peak nail shape marble colours
Mountain peak nail shape is a less dramatic version of the stiletto nails with a wide base, gentle edges, and delicately rounded tips. The tips of mountain peak nails are not as sharp as the pointy stilettos and the sides are slightly curved inward. They're definitely in style and a staple for most manicure lovers. 

8. Stiletto 

The classic stiletto nail shape with gradient color
The stiletto nail shape brings all the drama to the manicure world and lovers of these nails certainly do love drama. You just can't miss the stiletto nail shape with its slender pointy tips and a wide base. The charm of the stiletto nail shape is in its length and the longer the nails, the better looking it is. Stiletto nails are shaped in a way that makes the fingers appear elongated and slender which is very flattering on the hands. 

9. Pointed 

Sharp pink nail shapes
The pointed nail shapes are often confused for the stiletto nail shape for their similarities. However, unlike the dramatic stiletto nails, this cutie has been filed to sharp, slender points. They can be designed at any length and can suit any hand to give it a classy, elegant look. 

10. Rock Peak

Rock peak nail shape with glitters
The rock peak nail shape is one unique nail shape that only a few ever really opt for. They're defined by their wide base, delicate edges, and sharp-pointed tips. They definitely wouldn't be your first choice at a nail salon but they're lovable and classy if you care to give it a try! 

11. Arrow Head

Yellow arrow head nail shapes match different designs
The arrowhead nail is quite similar to the stiletto nail but with a little twist in shape. Unlike the curved sides of stilettos, the arrowhead nails have straight, angular sides that end in a sharp point. The tip is shorter and softer and by the name, it is shaped like an arrow. This nail design usually requires a press-on due to the filing required to get the perfect shape. 

12. Edge

The nail shapes with edges
The edge nails give you an edge in style with its pointed tip that travels straight for a bit before the top edges are tapered into a point. They're often tagged as three-dimensional nail shapes having a ridge that runs down to the center of the nail. If you're looking for something a little edgier? Then there's the blade nail shape, a type of edge nail design, which is even more intense in style and is best suited for Halloween looks. 

13. Trapezoid 

Duck-shaped trapeze nails with two colors on it
Also called the trapeze nails or the duck nails, the trapezoid nails get their inspiration from the trapezoid shape. These nails start with a wide base and are tapered in on the sides to produce a horizontal line, the shape mimicking that of a trapezoid. They're also similar to flare nails in design.

14. Ballerina 

Pink ballerina nails with smoothy surface
Photo: @Caisey
Ever seen a ballerina slipper? Then you definitely know just what this nail shape looks like. These nails are sisters to the stiletto nails and belong to the family of long nails, but with a square tip instead of a pointed one. The ballerina nail shape is known to imitate the same elegant, elongated shape of your fingers and the graceful design of a ballerina slipper. 

15. Lipstick 

Green lipstick nails with the spring green background
The lipstick nail takes its cues from the cut angle of a new unused lipstick tube. It is defined by a sharp edge with a unique diagonal slant at the top, and is usually asymmetric in design. The lipstick nail shape is definitely not one you'd find on many hands, but they're uniquely stylish for those who dare to explore this trend. 

16. Swirled Lipstick 

White swirled lipstick nails with green lines
This is the type that draws attention and is clearly not your everyday nail style. Rather than the simple round nails, the spiked stilettos, or the stylish almond nails, the swirled lipstick shape is over-the-top dramatic. They are pretty close to the lipstick nail in design but unlike the sharp edge of a lipstick nail, their edges are curved. 

17. Flare

Y2k style flare nails
Photo: @popsugar
This Y2K trend from the early 2000s is back in style and is anything but short, long and slender in shape. On the list of unusual nail designs, the flare nail shape probably comes in first. They bear a close resemblance to a duck bill or duck feet in shape and if you're more into natural-looking nails, you would think they should never have made it on the nail chart. But, you'd be surprised at just how many love this look! Flare nails are wide and look best at short length. The design is suited to someone with large fingers or nail beds.

18. Cut Out

Pink cut out nails with different designs
Cut out nails start as a square nail shape and travel in this style only to have the tip cut out to give an inverted half-moon shape. It’s quite trendy and flattering on the hands. 

2 special nail shapes that you won't wanna miss

1. Coffin nails 

The new trendy black coffin nails
Coffin nails are pretty much that — shaped like a coffin. They’re usually placed side by side with the Ballerina nails. Similar in shape to the ballerina nail, they have a square tip created by filing the nail into a narrow point to give a flattened square top. Coffin nails are usually lengthy but can also be attractive as short nails! 

2. Mixed nails 

Black mixed match nail shapes
There are tons of creative ways to express your nail style and personality and even better that different shapes can be combined to create a whole new look. Mixed nails are achieved by putting together two or more nail shapes to give you a unique fresh new look. There are also the combined nail shapes like the squoval nails (square and oval), or the ballerina nails (square and stiletto). Mixed nails can also be mixed in colours and there is just no limit to how much fun your nails can be! 


What nail shape is in for 2022?

It seems like dramatic nails take all the money this 2022 as the Stiletto, Ballerina and Coffin nails have been the go-to-shape for many ladies this year, particularly on Instagram. These shapes are all over the feed this year and don't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. If you're looking to keep up with trends, then these options are your best bet! However, if you're more into short styles, the trendy almond nails are also on the list of top choices for 2022. 

What is the new nail color for 2022?

Hot Red, mint green, Fuschia pink, soft blue, lilac, sunny yellow, periwinkle, soft white already seem to be dominating the social media feed in 2022. Warm colours appear to be the trendy nail colours for 2022 and you can definitely try out a warm, bright, cheery shade if you’re looking to switch up your mani. However, this still depends on your preference and you can totally opt for natural, soft, calm colours if that's your style. 

What nail shape is popular now?

The coffin and ballerina nails are totally popular and trendy right now. No surprise there! They're super stylish and elegant for most nail enthusiasts and mani lovers. They lengthen the fingers and there's more than enough room to be creative with nail art. And they obviously add the charm to any hand. However, if you're going for shorter but elegant options, the almond and round nails are not far behind on the list of popular nail shapes. They're also super chic and flattering options for short nail lovers. Other popular shapes are the squoval, rounded, stiletto, and mountain peak nail shapes. 

What is the best nail shape for fat fingers?

For fat, wide or chubby fingers; the round, natural, oval, or almond nails are preferred for short length. The stiletto and coffin nails are a good choice if you want a longer nail shape. These shapes are designed to make your nails look longer and slender which adds the desired charm to your fingers. To elongate your fingers and make it look slim and slender, rather than wide or short, go with the almond nail shape. This shape is flattering on the hands and is best for short, wide fingers. If you have wide nail beds, then the oval nail shape is your go-to shape for gorgeous mani.
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