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16 Cheap Jeans from SHEIN That Are Actually Worth Buying

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Can you imagine a closet without some pair of jeans? 

No? We can't also. 

Jeans are on the top list of versatile fashion staples. With a pair of cheap jeans, you can rock any fashion look with the right combination, making them a fashion necessity for every modern woman. There are many reasons why we need good jeans. For one, jeans are super durable, specially manufactured from high-quality denim material. 

They are also easy to style. While many other bottoms can be selective or demanding to style, jeans are a go-to when everything else fails. Whether a blazer, tees, dressy blouses, crop tops, hoodies, sweaters, jacket, coats, and more, you can wear a pair of jeans pants, jean skirts, or shorts under any top of your choice. 

While a good pair of jeans means durable quality and a custom-tailored-like-fit, we can't deny the fact that it's a real struggle finding good jeans that are also affordable. However, good jeans are not hard to find when you have a splurge-worthy budget – like taking out $200 for just a pair of jeans. 

But for all the hustling queens out there, channeling hundreds of dollars into a couple of pairs of jeans for daily outfit rotation is not such a wise investment. This is why finding a store committed to quality, affordability, and fashion is a blessing. You're in luck as we know just the right place where we can buy cheap jeans. SHEIN to the rescue! 

Luckily, some big fast-fashion retailers have got our backs. Founded in 2008 by China's Chris Xu, SHEIN is a thriving fast-fashion retailer active in about 220 countries and with about 1000+ employees. Although the brand started out as a Dropshipping brand, it became a highly sought-after clothing manufacturer and retailer in a few years, with about 7 million monthly users worldwide. 

In this article, we will be featuring 16 affordable jeans from SHEIN that are actually worth buying.

Let's get right into those cheap jeans. 

Cheap jeans from SHEIN worth buying

Here, we have rounded up 16 cheap jeans that you can't get anywhere but from SHEIN. 

1. The cropped cheap jeans

Shein - High Waist Skinny Cropped Jeans

Get your kicks on in these light-washed cropped jeans selling for only $16. Available also in the color red, you can be a satisfied customer with just a single purchase like this happy queen who described it as "perfect white skinny jeans for the low." 

2. The distressed jeans

Shein - Stonewash Distressed Skinny Jeans

SHEIN's stonewashed distressed jeans are "perfect for tall ladies like me," says a satisfied customer. If you don't mind rocking bottoms with multiple stylish thigh openings and fashionable tears, then this is for you. 

3. The ripped jeans 

Shein - High Waist Straight Leg Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans come in a different fashion, with varying intensities of tearing. If you are going for something not so crazy but still screams super cool, then this straight-leg jeans with minimal tear are good for you – get ready to scream "OMG, I'M IN LOVE" like this happy purchaser. 

4. The skinny cheap jeans 

Shein - High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Get an elongated frame and never-ending legs in these black high-waist skinny jeans; this customer says come in "material that doesn't look like it'll wash off." You need this pair in your wardrobe for days when you want to give off a street-style allure. 

5. The high waisted jeggings 

Shein - SHEIN BASICS High-Waisted Jeggings Without Pocket

Thinking of a super affordable jeans- leggings combo? This super stretchy, comfortable, high waist fit with an average rating of 4.8 selling for just $13 will do the trick.

6. The plus size jeans 

Shein - SHEIN SXY Plus High Waist Ripped Patched Skinny Jeans

SHEIN has an entire category of cheap jeans specific to plus size dames. You're in luck as the plus ripped skinny patchwork jeans happen to be one – grab yours now! 

7. The jean romper 

Shein - Ripped Roll Hem Denim Overalls

Play around in the summer in this cheap jean playsuit. For as little as $15, this customer describes it as "so cute and comfortable." 

8. The flared cheap jeans

Shein - High-rise Raw Hem Flare Jeans

Cop this medium-washed flared jeans for the next date time out. Available in sizes Xs to 4XL, you are sure to find your fit. 

9. The petite skinny jeans 

Shein - SHEIN PETITE Stone Wash Skinny Jeans

With SHEIN, there is something for everyone, and all the petite queens are not left behind. With 253 votes on its perfect fit, you can flaunt your figure in these skinny jeans going for just $18. 

10. The denim skirt 

Shein - Light Wash Split Hem Denim Skirt

Talking about jean staples without an all-time classic mini denim skirt? No, please. The light wash split hem denim skirt is this client's "perfect summer skirt" and should be yours too. 

11. The Street style jeans 

Shein - DAZY Slant Pockets Straight Leg Washed Jeans

SHEIN came in hard with the Dazy capsule collection of trendy street style fits, and you should too. Not convinced? See what a happy customer has to say about this pair –"so pretty quite long just like the photo and the cutout on the side is cute." 

12. The cheap Jean shorts

Shein - Raw Hem Ripped Denim Shorts

Raw hem ripped denim shorts? Yes, please! Anyway! Perfect for your next all-girls time out in summer, these $12 Jean shorts is a must-have for the dame who loves serving legs. 

13. The mom's jeans 

Shein - High Waisted Straight-Leg Mom Jeans

One of fashion's blessings to humanity is the super comfortable mom's Jean staple. Even this customer agrees, calling this Shein's pair "very comfortable jeans."

14. The denim gown 

Shein - Buckle Detail M-slit Hem Tube Denim Dress

When we told you jeans come in varying fashion, it was all true. SHEIN's got you covered in this super sexy and cute tube denim dress a client called "very sexy."

15. The black cheap jeans

Shein - SHEIN SXY High Waist Ripped Detail Skinny Jeans

Let's take a break from cool and stonewashed blue denim jeans for a sec! Why? Because this black pair is giving us all we need to slay in a tight pair of jeans and trust when we see it's definitely going to look bomb on you! 

16. The denim dungaree

Shein - SHEIN SXY Bleach Wash Ripped Denim Overalls

A one-piece classic, you can forego your uptight jumpsuit ensemble for a more laidback look in a cheap jean dungaree. A customer describes this SHEIN's bleach-washed denim overalls as so cute that she would really recommend it. 

There, we hope we have covered all your needs with jeans. Affordable, quality, versatility, fashionable and durable, SHEIN's cheap jeans collections are all these things and more. 

Don't sleep on these fits now, ladies. Hurry on to go get one, two, or as many pairs as you can. Be assured that you are definitely getting your money's worth and will certainly come back with excellent reviews and testimonies. 

Have fun shopping!        

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